Thursday, May 21, 2009

Promise 10: Pear No. 4

Had to do the pear today. Time for the poor old pear to hit the trash or be eaten. Little lemon is still good for a few more tries. A quick and not too difficult sketch today. I'd say the results are fair, not great. But the best news of all is that it is becoming more fun. And isn't that what it's all about anyway? Work, but fun--not such drudgery. Wish I had put the lemon in the sketch with the pear. But it's too late for this particular pear. Next time.


Karen Appleton said...

Hey Susan, the pear looks amazing! I've been trying to send you an email about what a fantastic job you did with this pear since last night, but for some reason all outgoing mail is stuck in my outbox. Just to let you know. Thank gosh for communication with blogs! :) Dang my self-inflicted computer whoas!

Karen said...

Susan, I just can't tell you how beautifully done this pear is. The top of the pear is handled soooooooo so so perfectly, and I'm not kidding at all. The light hitting the top and the incredible cast shadow from the stem - perfect. Often people won't make a shadow follow the curves of the object, and you described the way the pear's shadow bumps up out of the stem indention, then falls across and down the rest of the pear's top perfectly!

Contrasts are perfect, love the reflected light on back side and reflected light hitting the underside of the pear. Both of these are still in shadow, meaning not as light as lights and highlight, so they maintain the pear's form perfectly again.

I am so super excited!!! I'm just so happy to hear it was fun today!!!

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