Saturday, September 5, 2009

Promise 93: Ten Apples, Day 16

Here's yesterday's ending sketch and above it is the finished drawing as of today.

Finished. At least I am finished working on this drawing. It's not the best drawing, but it's the best I could do at this point. I feel just 'okay' with it. Not great. But ok. The picture was taken with my iphone but it does represent the drawing fairly. Please feel free to critique!

Now I start on my work with an artist in Great Britain! Very exciting.

And special thanks, again :-) to both Karen Appleton--for her invaluable help and insight, and to Sadie Valeri--for taking the time to offer guidance and advice. Both of you are really appreciated by me!

1 comment:

Karen Appleton said...

Just gorgeous Susan! The whole drawing glows!

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