Monday, December 14, 2009

Bronze: Day Three

Today I was planning on completely starting over on this drawing, but I decided to work on making her proportions more accurate, especially her legs--which looked stunted in yesterday's work.

And now I see that her neck is too long, but her face, turned up and away as it is with her head thrown back in that graceful arch...well it was just so difficult to capture, that I refused today to erase it and do it over. I spent about two hours yesterday trying to get the tilt of her head and face correct...laughing out loud some of the time at the seeming impossibility of drawing it...I think I got it a little right anyway....

So this afternoon I moved ahead and worked on lengthening her legs and redrawing the drape of her skirt. After I finish up with this drawing, I think I'll draw her again. She is a good model...never moves, never gets tired :-)

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