Monday, June 1, 2009

Promise 19: Grapes

This is obviously going to be more than a one day sketch. Yikes. It's like drawing a million lemons or cherries. I need to slow down and study each grape.

An artist I admire told this story: Her teacher set up a group of apples and told her to do a painting of the apples. My friend took all day to paint the apples. At the end of the day her teacher came in, put all the apples in a bag, mixed them up, and then dumped the apples out on the table. He then asked my friend to identify each apple on the table with the apple in her painting. Maybe it's not quite so detailed for grapes, but you get the idea. Each grape is an idividual, unique and special in its own way. I must slow down and look so I can see.


Karen Appleton said...

Your lime looks great! Nice darks! You have a great challenge with the grapes going. This will be fun to watch!

Karen Appleton said...
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