Sunday, June 7, 2009

Promise 23: Grapes, Spheres

I am making another promise. I am leaving these grapes alone for a while. Sheese! All the time sketching on them today and I'm not sure I can see any significant difference from yesterday. Karen, I tried to push the background grapes back as you suggested, but not sure I succeeded. The little balls were just a last minute practice.

I have got to set up something new to draw. Hmmmm. Maybe a bow, a la Karen Appleton? Sounds hard, but fun, and off the fruit for a little while! Though I am thinking of doing a sketch with more than one fruit. A set up of a lemon, lime, pear, cherries, and grapes? Maybe I should just start with two different fruits. See how I get so confused about what to do next? So I just keep doing something! Advice anybody? Suggestions? Help!

1 comment:

Karen Appleton said...

...the grapes read as a bunch now! They are unified with lights and darks, which exist together perfectly. The grapes are beautiful!