Saturday, July 25, 2009

Promise 68: Apple Thumbnail

I am so excited! After working on the cast's nose, I went up to the studio, set up two apples with a cloth hanging over the table and decided to do what everybody recommends...a thumbail see if I liked the set up at all. (I also studied some of Paul Foxworth's still life drawings this morning and read more material on composition, lighting, etc.) So then, when I started the thumbnail, I went off to the side of the sketchbook to just play around...and lo and behold, it started working.

So now I have something ALL my own to draw. And I like it. AND the tiny thumbnail will be so helpful in doing another larger study. I can see how important that can be. I learned so many things today. Holy mackerel! Thanks for hanging on with me and offering your support and suggestions to my distress call the other day. I am not a manic depressive artist. Yet :-)

PS. We went to the antique store yesterday and I found the most beautiful, simple bowl to use for sketches of bowls of fruit. It's called a McCoy piece. Lots of info when you google it. But I liked the shape and lines. I feel like I'm moving forward again!

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