Sunday, July 26, 2009

Promise 69: Apple Thumbnail No. 2

Yea, another good day. I decided to to what you're supposed to do with the thumbnail sketches and draw a second one trying another composition, just a slight rearrangement. I was really ansy and anxious when I started, so I went over to the side of my paper to 'play' again, just like yesterday. Once I start just messing around and drawing and not trying too hard, it seemed to flow.

When I had it almost finished, I thought that the two apples looked lonesome and that a third apple tucked back completely in the the shadow would be nice. AND I was able to do what I was trying to do! I erased a spot, stuck in a third apple, and viola! How exciting to be able to actually DO what I intend to do!

So once again I'm happy and motivated. I think I'll try this version of the thumbnail on a slightly larger scale this week! Here we go....

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