Saturday, August 15, 2009

Promise 79: Ten Apples, Day 1

Took me forever to set up a still life with ten apples and a bowl today! It's much easier just to copy someone else's wonderful composition! But it's time for something all my own and drawn from life, not a copy this time. So here is the tiny thumbnail. I'll block in the drawing tomorrow. Just taking a few days off this week seemed to make it harder to get back in the groove quickly.

We had a redecorate of our tv room this week. How fun, but lots of work! The furniture arrived last Monday so the rest of the week was spent getting the room organized and put together--then all day yesterday setting up the tv, sound system and Blu-ray. Good grief! Now the room is 95 percent done, all but the cleaning up and a few final details (just like a drawing :-), and cleaning can wait til after tomorrow for sure!

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