Saturday, August 22, 2009

Promise 83: Ten Apples, Day 5

Sweet Bill gave me some much needed and very helpful feedback on the size of the bowl in yesterday's sketch. So I enlarged the bowl and then the apples which had begun to look more like plums, and here is the result.

Here's what's working pretty well for me on this one. I took the original line sketch that I liked (liked it a little anyway), took a picture of it, printed that picture out on the computer, and then sketched over it to correct mistakes and to practice. Above is the result. So it's sketched over a sketch that was printed in gray tones on the computer printer. But wow, is this practice helping me to get it right--well, better anyway.

Today or tomorrow, after some more corrections, I'll trace just the outlines to a fresh sheet of drawing paper and start adding values again. Amazing. This 'rehearsal' is helping with knowing how to do the real drawing. Guess that's why they call this kind of work a study. Duh :-)

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