Friday, May 22, 2009

Promise 11: Cream Pitcher

Whoa what a tough day. I sketched, even though I was tired all day long. I woke up tired! I took this picture with my computer's built in camera which reverses the image. Boy, it sure shows all the sketch's shortcomings. I think I could have improved it if I had kept working, but I was tired, ready to quit, and I'd kept my promise to sketch. So I let myself stop. Not sure if I will revisit this little pitcher to try and improve it, or just move on. I will post a better pic when Bill comes home with the camera. The computer camera will have to suffice til Wednesday. Believe me, I did consider NOT posting a pic at all. But a promise is a promise. Eleven straight days of sketching. A record!


Karen Appleton said...

Susan I am so impressed with your commitment to post, even when you are not happy with the results. I think this is a great lesson about really pushing ourselves to be better artists. You are taking on a more complicated form, AND a white one to boot, which makes the 'seeing' value even harder. The spout is handled really nice. Its shape and inner dark shadow against the rim catching the light, all work beautifully.

Looking forward to seeing your day 12!

Susan and Bill Bonnell said...

Dear, sweet Karen, you are such a wonderful artist, an incredible teacher, a good friend, and a tremendous help to me! Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement.