Saturday, May 23, 2009

Promise 12: Cream Pitcher

I couldn't leave the little pitcher as it was yesterday. I reworked the sketch today and I think it improved. It's certainly more difficult than the lemon or pear!

I think one reason is that with the fruits if I am 'off' on the outline of the object, it doesn't matter too much since all lemons, pears, etc. are unique and never perfectly shaped. But with the little pitcher, which is man made and structurally balanced, the tiniest error in its form shows up in a big way. I read yesterday that when you start a work with errors in it (like yesterday's outline of the pitcher) those errors will grow as the work progresses and constant attempts to fix the errors (which are now built in to the piece) usually don't work. It gets worse.

So my initial drawing errors in the pitcher couldn't be corrected by shading. It needed to be redrawn. I tried today, grew tired and quit. I will give it one more try tomorrow (especially the bottom of the pitcher), then on to the next and new sketch. Even if I sketch the pitcher again, it's on to a new blank sheet of paper.

By the way, it was the fourth sketch of the lemon and the pear that seemed to work for me. Not only is this a more difficult subject, but this is the first time I've sketched it. So, we'll see...Thanks for reading all this rambling.

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