Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life Figure Drawing: Day Three

Today we spent the morning doing a reduction drawing where we first laid down a layer of charcoal dust on the paper, then drew our subject, wiped away the lights and darkened the darks. It was easier than drawing on white paper since the half tones were already there on the paper in the layer of charcoal. I drew the female model and was very proud of myself and the still-in-progress result.

For the afternoon we worked on our long pose. I was able to make some improvements in my drawing so that the model looks more 'manly' and not so squishy. Juliette commented on how he was improving and that my shadows were well done.

Then another beautiful demonstration by Juliette. A highlight of the day was a tour of her atelier and her own studio. Both brought me to tears. How exciting and what wonderful work was there...even by the first year students.

I've made an appointment with Juliette for next week to discuss my future study. I can hardly wait.

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