Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A lot has happened since I met with Juliette. I had a private lesson with Susan Bari Price and decided I wanted to spend even more time with her, so I signed up for her cast drawing class on Saturdays. I'm also am taking John Rizotto's oil painting class on Wednesdays--both classes at the Gage Academy. So my art plate is pretty full. At home I am still drawing Bill, practicing my cast drawing, practicing my oil painting, copying a master painting, and working more on the drawing of Randy that I started in Juliette's class. Feels good tho, and I do think I'm moving forward. I certainly can't complain about not knowing where the path in front of me is--Juliette helped me to outline the path and get moving on it. Hooray. What I have wanted for so long. Now my job is simply to stay on the path and keep moving....

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