Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life Figure Drawing: Day Two

I felt much better going into class this morning. Again we focused early on quick and fast gesture drawings of five minutes, then ten minutes, then a twenty minute pose... I was with the female model. We drew the heads, rib cages and pelvic areas as boxes in perspective, twisting and turning every which way. Then more focus on patterns occurring in our subjects and measuring, both hard for me to see.

In the afternoon we worked on our long pose drawing for the second time. I began to work on the inside of the drawing while modifying the contour. Not at all happy with my drawing...he lacks substance, vigor, character. He looks soft and mushy and fat. And the model is not any of those things. Not at all.

Juliette also did a couple more demos that were simply phenomenal. She is an extraordinary artist and teacher.

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