Saturday, January 16, 2010


At the meeting with Juliette on Friday she said what I thought she might. That I should continue to draw from life, both short and long poses, draw from casts, and do master copies. Bill and I had a wonderful time with her and she was so very complimentary about my work. She gave us a tour of her atelier and gave me so many good ideas and help. She suggested that I ask Susan Bari Price to mentor and guide me along this journey. So, I have my first session with Susan on Monday at her studio in West Seattle!

I've also set up an area downstairs where I can draw Bill, who is so sweet to sit for me, both short poses and long poses. A long pose for us is two or three twenty minute sessions with a few minute break between each session. It's very difficult. Try it and see how hard it is! Short poses are five or ten minutes each.

The little drawing above is my start of a long pose drawing of Bill. I really like the pose and have taken a picture so that he can resume the pose next time.

This drawing is a copy I've done of Juliette's drawing of 'Sutherland.' It's still not quite finished and I failed to start properly, so I'm paying the price in unattractiveness (I printed out the contour of the original drawing on the computer printer and then did the shading and turning form on that piece of typing paper...I know I know, not very professional of me...)

More tomorrow or Monday. Company coming from out of town Monday after my lesson with Susan.

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