Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life Figure Drawing: Day Four, Five

This is a my drawing as it was on Friday, the last day of class, with only some time spent on his leg and one arm. Now, here it is already almost a week after the end of the class! The last two days, like the first three days of class, simply flew by. On day four we again practiced gesture and fast but accurate short pose drawings...five minutes and ten minutes. Then in the afternoon we worked on our long poses. Day Five consisted of two long, three hour poses. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. At noon the other classes came to view our work and we went to see theirs. I heard several people ask with some astonishment in their voices, "You all have just been in this class for ONE week?" I thought we were great as a class! I wish it had been two weeks instead of only one, even though it was totally exhausting!

This is Juliette's drawing of Zoey during the class demonstration, vine charcoal on paper. Bill bought this beautiful drawing for me for my birthday! It is absolutely breathtaking. The picture above is before it was finished, during the demonstration.

This week I have been copying master works, namely one of Juliette's, the stretching man that I had been working on before the class. I have set up an easel and lighting in the tv room so I can draw Bill for short poses and multiple sessions of a long pose, maybe over a week. I think that what Juliette will tell me to do, when we meet on Friday, is to practice life drawing, both short and long poses, cast drawing, and copying masterworks. I'll let you know how that meeting goes.

And my oil painting class on Wednesday afternoons for 16 weeks starts next Wednesday!

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